VIETAFGHAN 4 (Vietnam War, Afghan Wars, Civil War, WW1) for AOD

Vietnam War Afghanistan War Civil War WW1
new map ~ new units ~ new nations ~ new ministers ~ new leaders ~ new technologies ~ new events ~ new music ~ new sprites

VietAfghan 4 is a much improved add-on modified for AOD and contains 4 extra grand full-function scenarios with 85+ new textured map provinces in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and the USA. 75+ new Civil War, WW1, cold war and post cold war units integrated with a modern tech tree and numerous other enhancements. And it's all vanilla friendly with AOD 1.5 thru 1.8.

WW1 1914-1918
Russian Revolution
Russian Civil War
Chinese Warlord
Era 1916-1924
American Civil War
The Vietnam War
3rd Indochina War
1979-1988 (with
fictional Indian War)

Iraq Wars
Afghanistan Wars

VietAfghan 4 with WW1
is available now


VietAfghan V.4 Full
Instant Download
82MB - $7 USD
new version
(process & registration fee)

(see download section
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Registered owners of VietAfghan 3 past 30 days can upgrade to VietAfghan 4 free by emailing FRVP with the transaction ID and email used at the time of registration, others may qualify for a discount.

Requirements: Arsenal of Democracy (AOD) version 1.5 or better
Keep up on the progress of VietAfghan independence here

The American Civil War (1860 - 1866): Start out in 1860 following the end of the Mexican reform war. Cotton is king and Abraham Lincoln was just elected president and has troubles with South Carolina seceding from the Union. The deep south soon follow South Carolina and later Texas, Arkansas, and North Carolina join. While the pivotal border states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri and later West Virginia debate the slavery issue, Fort Sumner goes under heavy siege from the Confederates. The Battle of the States is about to begin. Out west while the territories of Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona await statehood, the Sioux, Cheyenne, Comanche and Apache start taking advantage in the Frontier. Meanwhile France has their eyes on Mexico while England and Spain closely observe to see how they can benefit from Mexico and the American Civil War. Also included are Canada, Mexican Revolutionaries, Cuba, Central America, California, Nevada, African Americans and Western Outlaws. 100+ new events, 100+ new ministers and leaders, and new units, sprites and technology for the Civil war era. Added to the map is Fredericksburg, the Wilderness and Petersburg. The Erie Canal, St. Lawrence and Mississippi rivers are navigational. Modified from the HOI2 works of Lt. Hilsdorf and Ankios.

World War 1 (1914 - 1918): Full map-full function campaign. Start out in 1914 following the end of the 2nd Balkans war. Mexico is in revolution, Italy is fighting the Sanusi in Libya, industry is emerging, Germany is threatening England's long-time naval superiority and France is basking in new technologies.  Russia is coping with dissent and economic disaster while the Bolsheviks are planning their revolution.  The Balkans are still simmering with unrest and recovery.  The new China republic is planning to dominate the warlords, and the USA is finishing the Panama canal. World War I is about to begin. Aircraft technology is new, tank development is in it's infancy and gas weapons are being researched. Also included is the Russian Revolution, Russian Civil War, China warlord conflicts up to the Northern Expedition, the Mexican war, the Italian - Libya conflict, and a possible 3rd Balkans war. Modified from previous WW1 HOI1 & HOI2/Armegeddon works.

The Vietnam War (1963-1975): Great historical full-function scenario of the American war in Vietnam 1963 - 1975, with other possible outcomes to certain events. FVRP's first scenario, although not as detailed as later projects, is a SFF (simple, fast and fun) scenario that shows some history of the American war in Vietnam with many rivers, monsoons, jungles and VC guerrilla attacks. Start out in 1963 with the Diem and Kennedy assassinations and precede though the many Vietnam era events from the Gulf of Tonkin incident to past the S.A.L.T. treaty in 1975. Nuclear tensions are high with USA, Soviets and China while Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, and Korea battle with communism. Besides the Vietnam War, Vietnam offers other possible regional conflicts such as another Korean War (technically they are still at war today), the Soviet-China conflict, Malaysia-Indonesian conflict and a China-Taiwan conflict. It also has civil wars in Cambodia and Laos with the Khmer Rouge and Pathet Lao in the shaping of governments which could allow attacks within their neutral territories.

3rd Indochina War (1979-1988): This historical war continues from where the Vietnam left off. It starts out in 1979 with the Vietnam invasion of Democratic Kampuchea that escalates into the brief Sino-Vietnam war with China. Heated battles between Thailand and Vietnam over the harboring of the Khmer Rouge flair up threatening a strong possibility of a full scale war.

The fictional VietAfghan war, called the Indian War, then develops from the 3rd Indochina war involving India, Burma, North Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. A full scale war can develop between Thailand and Vietnam and possibly end in a coup of Thailand. Vietnam/Thailand then form a pact with Afghanistan and Pakistan to split up India. The pact ends up very similar to the Nazi/Soviet pact outcome. This fictional war showcases the 2 modified counties, Vietnam and Afghanistan, thus VietAfghan (Fun Scenario!).

Afghan Wars (1988 - 2003): Finally, if you think you mastered the previous wars, then it's time to test your true skills. Start out in 1988 and proceed though the historical Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, PDPA collapse, tribal warlords anarchy, Taliban period events and September 11th attacks to past the 2003 USA invasion of Iraq. Includes all 3 Iraq wars, conflicts in Chechnya, Kurdistan, Somalia, Kashmir, Lebanon/Syria, Ethiopia/Eritrean, Nagorno-Karabakh War and Yemen. Best played with aggressive AI settings. Playable countries: Afghanistan, USSR, PDPA, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Pashtun mujahiddin, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Hezbe, Jamiet and Al Qaeda. NATO troops are represented. Also included are Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, China, India, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Kuwait, Kashmir, Kurdistan, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Palestine, Ethiopia and Eritrean. The PDPA (Peoples Democratic Party of Afghanistan) later becomes the Northern Alliance and the Pashtun mujahiddin later becomes the Taliban in 1994. This way, you can play the whole scenario as one of these countries.

(Many year's worth of work in the making, please donate to help our independence)

VietAfghan 4 Complete Instant Download for AOD, 82 MB. $7 usd processing/registration fee (registered owners receive free or discounted updates)
(Paradox Interactive forum members can get a discount by messaging FRVP) Due to Paradox Interactive forum removal of VietAfghan, this option is temporarily suspended. However, coupon codes may be issued.
Requirements: Arsenal of Democracy (AOD) version 1.5 or better
World War 1 latest checksums: 1.5 WRRP 1.7 ATWZ

Optional Downloads (currently disabled while moving server): 90MB, 55MB, 68MB , New 90MB , Intro Video 30MB

New March 2014 VA4.0b updatefix for VietAfghan 4.0a: here (not needed for VietAfghan from FastSpring)

Jan 2013 VA4.0a updatefix for WW1 VietAfghan 4.0: here

Updates & Fixes: Fixes below are included and not required for VietAfghan 4 and for VietAfghan 2/3 downloads after January 1 2012.

Optional files to initiate the Indochina, Vietnam and Korean wars in a standard non-VietAfghan scenario. here

Optional VietAfghan file for Holocaust events and new Hitler assasination attempt. here

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Viet-Afghan 3 (American Civil War) for AOD 72MB $5 usd American Civil War
Viet-Afghan 2 (Vietnam, Afghan Wars) for AOD 52MB $4 usd Afghanistan
American Civil War Only (not upgradable) for AOD 54MB $3 usd processing
Viet-Afghan 1 (Vietnam 6) for ARM/DD 60MB $2 usd processing
Vietnam 5.4 for ARM/DD/HOI2 43MB
$1 usd processing

Vietnam 4 for ARM/DD/HOI2 42MB
Free Vietnam

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Siege 3 for Windows 75MB $3 usd processing

IN DEVELOPMENT:: An Independent Viet-Afghan 5? (click here)

Ideas incorporated: Caspian Sea and Great Lakes are navigational. Volga River route from Stalingrad to the Caspian Sea. Volga-Don Canal and event for access from Black Sea to Caspian Sea. Erie Canal in USA. St. Lawrence Canal in Canada. Mississippi river route. Canals in Leningrad and through Lake Ladoga to White Sea. New port availability in Antwerp, Akaba, Chicago, Grozny, Baku, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Stalingrad. Ship movement reduced in frozen seas. Rail though non-access not-at-war country in Balachistan. Sell nuclear reactor event. Economic market events. Annual tax policy event. Drug income event. Puppet revolt event, Prisoners event, Bribe events, access demands. Early Camel cavalry sprite for middle east nations. High IC Equalizer gives option to increase IC nation wide.
Designed to be SFF (simple, fast and fun, not bogged down by 100's of countries and 1000's of units). However, WW1 is not SFF, it is a full map campaign.

Major map files change: A total of 85+ textured new territories added. The Caspian Sea is now navigational with ports in Iran and the Soviet Union. The optional Volga-Don Canal allows access to the Caspian Sea from the Black Sea. The Great Lakes are now navigational with a buildable port in Chicago.

75 New Units: Integrated with AOD units.
10 Civil War units. 10 WW1 units.
25 Cold-war units included from the Vietnam Scenario: Green Beret, AH-1 Cobra, Advanced Supersonic Fighter, Nuclear Sub, M41 Light-Tank, Titan ICBM, ABM, Paladin, Missile Launcher, Attack Helicopters, and Advanced Air Cavalry.
30 Post cold-war units including infantry, marine, mountain, HQ, militia, garrison, tanks, aircraft, gun ships, subs, drones, missiles, advanced transports, PT boats and heavy sea mines.
Brigades: Civil War & WW1 brigades, modern artillery, elite engineers, M42 Duster, M113, rocket launcher, and land mines.
Technologies: Integrated with AOD. Civil War techs, WW1 techs, Stealth, night vision, super semiconductors and computers, satellites and laser. Basic tech tree perfect for post WW2 scenarios.
Optional Sprites: M-41 complete sprite, Helicopter movement sprite and other basic 'stand' sprites.
Optional Music: Afghan Wars, WW1, Civil War soundtracks & an awesome soundtrack from the Vietnam era ...rated PG!

Hundreds of new events: There are changes or additions to most config, db, minister, leader and tech files. All VietAfghan scenarios have new ministers and leaders. New graphics were added for new units, ministers, leaders, technology and events. A few counters, flags and shields were added. New AI files for all countries involved were added. Mountain and jungle warfare is enhanced. A few other files are modified. All core scenario.eug files were modified to allow for the new provinces and events. The new cold and post-cold war units are towards the end of the respective technology trees. It will take a long time to research in scenarios prior to 1960 and the corresponding secret weapon technology must be activated first in the secret weapons file before they can be researched.

Installation: Made vanilla friendly for AOD v1.5 meaning all the core campaigns and scenarios remain playable with new map. And should work with past and future versions with the correct patch. Unzip files to AOD top-level directory after all game updates have been installed (important!). Back up is recommended! May not be 100% compatible with other versions or mods.
Note: It is recommended to delete all the files in the /gfx/map/units directory (NOT the /gfx/map/units/bmp directory) to get rid of duplicates for a new sprite structure.

1. If you want to keep the true vanilla in tact, just make a copy of the whole original game folder (ie C:/program files/paradox interactive/AOD) to another location.
2. Install any Paradox updates and patches before VietAfghan if you haven't already. These updates and patches are required for VietAfghan. They need to be installed before the VietAfghan files and patches.
3. Download VietAfghan and the optional soundtrack files. These VietAfghan zip files are in directory structure, so make sure that your unzip program is set to 'use folders' and 'overwrite files and directories' when unzipping. By doing this, all the files will overwrite the correct directories.
4. Locate the root (top level) directory of your game location. For example C:/program files/paradox interactive/AOD or the root of the copy you just made.
5. Unzip (extract to) each file to this root directory. If it doesn't prompt you to overwrite the directories and a few files then something is wrong and start over. Proceed with overwriting the files.
6. Install the optional soundtracks to your root directory like before.
7. For versions 1.4 and 1.8 and above, a correct VietAfghan patch must be installed after everything else like above. There are no patches out at this time.
8. Make sure to set the 'end date' to "use scenario information" in your Scenario Options for scenarios past 1964.

Note: With the additional provinces, any future scenario which includes the whole map may show an error, but is still playable. This can be fixed by adding the new provinces (see VAmap.txt for list) to owned and controlled provinces of, for example, or other country files. All core campaigns and scenarios are already fixed for the new map. Also, there are numerous errors and missing items fixed in the vanilla. VietAfghan scenarios are best played with aggressive AI settings.

Processing fee / donation covers member registration, processing and other expenses. No profit is made. Registered owners receive free upgrade and other discounts. Copyright FRVP 2009.
We are not sponsored by or affiliated in any way with Paradox Interactive. All trademarks on this web site are the property of their respective owners.


Play International Announcement

English: A new version of VietAfghan was just released. VietAfghan 4 includes the Vietnam War, Afghan Wars, the American Civil War, and now 'WW1 1914-1918' with the Russian Revolution 1917-1923 and China's warlord era 1916-1924. 

 German: Eine neue Version von VietAfghan für A.M.W. wurde gerade freigegeben.   VietAfghan 4 schließt den Vietnam Krieg, die afghanischen Kriege, den amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg und jetzt einen anderen amerikanischen Krieg mit vollem Diagramm ein: „WW1 1914-1918mit der russischen Revolution.

 French: Une nouvelle version de VietAfghan pour l'AOD a été juste libérée.   VietAfghan 4 inclut la guerre de Vietnam, les guerres afghanes, une guerre civile américaine, et maintenant une guerre américaine différente avec la pleine carte : « WW1 1914-1918 » avec la révolution russe.

 Italian: Una nuova versione di VietAfghan per l'AOD č stata liberata appena.   VietAfghan 4 include la guerra di Vietnam, le guerre afgane, la guerra civile americana ed ora un'altra guerra americana con il programma pieno: “WW1 1914-1918„ con la rivoluzione russa.

 Russian: Новый вариант VietAfghan для AOD как раз был выпущен.   VietAfghan 4 вклюает война США против Демократической Республики Вьетнам, афганские войны, американское гражданскую войну, и теперь другое американское войну с полной картой: «WW1 1914-1918» с русским витком.

 Spanish: Una nueva versión de VietAfghan para el AOD acaba de ser lanzada.   VietAfghan 4 incluye la guerra de Vietnam, las guerras afganas, la guerra civil americana, y ahora otra guerra americana con el mapa lleno: “WW1 1914-1918” con la revolución rusa.

 Vietnamese: Một phięn bản mới của VietAfghan cho AOD vừa được phát hŕnh.   VietAfghan 4 bao gồm các cuộc chiến tranh Việt Nam, Afghan Wars, nội chiến Hoa Kỳ, bây giờ một chiến tranh Mỹ với bản đồ đầy đủ: 'WW1 năm 1914 – 1918' với cuộc cách mạng Nga.

Afghan (Pashto): يو نوی متن vietafghan يوازې د خوشې شي. vietafghan په 4 نېټه په کې شامل د ويتنام جګړې، د افغاني جګړې، د امريکا د کورنۍ جګړې او د امريکايانو په جګړه او اوس يو بل ww1: (1918-1914) سره دي. د روسيې د انقلاب

 Turkish: A yeni yorum-in VietAfghan aod için sadece yayımlanmıştır.   VietAfghan 4, Vietnam Savaşı, Afganistan Savaşları, Amerikan İç Savaşı ve şimdi başka bir Amerikan savaş tam harita içerir: 'WW1 1914-1918' deki Rus Devrimi ile.

 Thai: เพิ่งมีเปิดตัวรุ่นใหม่ของ VietAfghan สำหรับ AOD   VietAfghan 4 ประกอบด้วยสงครามเวียดนาม สงคราม Afghan สงครามกลางเมืองสหรัฐอเมริกา และสงครามอเมริกันอีกตอนนี้ มีแผนผังเต็มรูปแบบ: 'WW1 1914-1918' กับการปฏิวัติในรัสเซีย

 Portuguese: Uma versăo nova de VietAfghan para o dispositivo automático de revestimento foi liberada apenas.   VietAfghan 4 inclui a guerra de Vietnam, as guerras Afghan, a guerra civil americana, e agora uma outra guerra americana com o mapa cheio: “WW1 1914-1918” com a volta Russian.

Hindi: बस AOD के लिए VietAfghan का एक नया संस्करण जारी किया गया था। VietAfghan 4 वियतनाम युद्ध, अफगान युद्ध, अमेरिकी नागरिक युद्ध, और अब किसी अन्य अमेरिकी युद्ध के पूर्ण नक्शे के साथ शामिल हैं: 'WW1 1914-1918' रूसी क्रांति के साथ। 

Hebrew: גירסה חדשה של VietAfghan עבור AOD פשוט יצא.
VietAfghan 4 כולל מלחמת וייטנאם, מלחמת אפגניסטן, מלחמת האזרחים האמריקנית, אחרת כעת מלחמה אמריקאי עם מפה מלאה: 'והלוחמה 1914-1918' עם המהפכה הרוסית.

 Arabic: وكان صدر للتو نسخة جديدة من فيتافغان ل AOD.
يتضمن 4 فيتافغان حرب فيتنام والحروب الأفغانية والحرب الأهلية الأمريكية والحرب الأمريكية الآن آخر مع خريطة كاملة: 'WW1 1914-1918' مع "الثورة الروسية".

 Persian: نسخه جدید از VietAfghan برای AOD به تازگی منتشر شد.
VietAfghan 4 شامل جنگ ویتنام و جنگ افغانستان و جنگ های داخلی آمریکا و در حال حاضر یکی دیگر از جنگ آمریکا با نقشه کامل: 'WW1 1914--1918' با انقلاب روسيه.

Polish: Nowa wersja VietAfghan dla AOD tylko został wydany.   VietAfghan 4 zawiera wojny w Wietnamie, wojny afgańskiej, wojny secesyjnej i teraz innego amerykańskiej wojny z pełną mapą: 'WW1 1914-1918"z rewolucji rosyjskiej.

 Greek: Μια νέα έκδοση VietAfghan για AOD κυκλοφόρησε ακριβώς.   Το VietAfghan 4 περιλαμβάνει τον πόλεμο του Βιετνάμ, τους αφγανικούς πολέμους, τον αμερικανικό εμφύλιο πόλεμο, και τώρα έναν άλλο αμερικανικό πόλεμο με τον πλήρη χάρτη: «WW1 1914-1918» με τη ρωσική επανάσταση.

 Dutch: Een nieuwe versie van VietAfghan voor AOD werd enkel vrijgegeven.   VietAfghan 4 omvat de Oorlog van Vietnam, de Afghaanse Oorlogen, de Amerikaanse Burgeroorlog, en nu een andere Amerikaanse oorlog met volledige kaart: „WW1 1914-1918“ met de Russische Revolutie.

 Norwegian: En ny versjon av VietAfghan for AOD var bare sluppet.   VietAfghan 4 inneholder Vietnam-krigen, afghanske Wars, den amerikanske borgerkrigen og en annen amerikansk krig med full kart: 'WW1 1914-1918' med den russiske revolusjon.

 Romanian: " O nouă versiune a VietAfghan pentru AOD tocmai a fost lansat.   VietAfghan 4 include războiul din Vietnam, Wars afgan, Războiul Civil American şi acum un alt război American cu harta completă: 'Crucișător 1914-1918' cu Revoluția Rusă.

 Bulgarian: Издаден е само на нова версия на VietAfghan за AOD.   VietAfghan 4 включва Виетнамската война, афганистански войни, Американската гражданска война и друг Американската война с пълна карта: "WW1 1914-1918' с Руската революция.

 Danish: En ny version af VietAfghan til AOD var netop frigivet.   VietAfghan 4 omfatter Vietnamkrigen, afghanske krige, den amerikanske borgerkrig og nu en anden amerikanske krig med fuld kort: 1 1914-1918 med den russiske Revolution.

 Finish: Uusi VietAfghan AOD-versio on juuri julkaistu.   VietAfghan 4 sisältää Vietnamin sodan, Afganistanin sota, Yhdysvaltain sisällissota ja nyt toisen American sodan koko kartta: 'WW1 1914 1918' Venäjän vallankumous kanssa.

 Indonesian: Versi baru dari VietAfghan untuk AOD hanya dirilis.   VietAfghan 4 termasuk perang Vietnam, Perang Afganistan, Perang Saudara Amerika, dan sekarang lain perang Amerika dengan peta penuh: 'WW1 1914-1918' dengan Revolusi Rusia.

 Latvian: VietAfghan AOD jaunā versija bija tikko atbrīvots.   VietAfghan 4 ietver Vjetnamas kara, Afganistānas karu, Amerikas pilsoņu kara un tagad vēl vienu amerikāņu karu ar pilnu karti: 'WW1 1914-1918' ar Krievijas revolūciju.

 Lithuanian: Nauja versija VietAfghan AOD buvo tik išleistas.   VietAfghan 4 apima Vietnamo karo, Afganistano karai, JAV pilietinis karas ir dabar kitą Amerikos karo su visiškai žemėlapis: "WW1 1914 1918" su Rusijos revoliucija.

 Czech: Právě vyšla nová verze VietAfghan pro AOD.   VietAfghan 4 zahrnuje válka ve Vietnamu, afghánské války, Americká občanská válka a další americké války s úplnou mapu: 'WW1 1914-1918' s Ruskou revolucí.

 Hungarian: Az AOD VietAfghan új változata csak volt mentesít.   VietAfghan 4 magában foglalja, hogy a vietnami háború, az afgán háborúk, a az amerikai polgárháború és a teljes Térkép most már egy másik amerikai háborút: 'WW1 1914-1918"az orosz forradalom.

 Estonian: VietAfghan AOD uus versioon on just vabanenud.   VietAfghan 4 sisaldab Vietnami sőja, Afganistani sőda, Ameerika Ühendriikide kodusőja ja nüüd teise Ameerika sőja täielik kaart: "WW1 1914-1918' the Russian Revolution koos.

 Slovak: Nová verzia VietAfghan pre AOD bol práve prepustený.   VietAfghan 4 zahŕňa vojny vo Vietname, afganskej Wars, americkej občianskej vojny, a teraz inú americkej vojny s GDirections: "WW1 1914-1918" s Ruskej revolúcie.

 Slovenian: Nova različica VietAfghan za AOD je bil sproščen.   VietAfghan 4 vključuje vietnamska vojna, afganistanski vojn, ameriško državljansko vojno in zdaj druge ameriške vojne s polno zemljevid: "WW1 1914-1918" z ruskim revolucije.

 Ukrainian: Просто була випущена нова версія VietAfghan для AOD.   VietAfghan-4 включає в себе війни у В'єтнамі, афганської війни, громадянської війни і тепер інший американський війни з повну карту: 'WW1 1914-1918' з російської революції.

 Catalan: Una versió nova de VietAfghan per a l'AOD s'alliberava només.   VietAfghan 4 inclou la guerra del Vietnam, Guerres d'Afganistan, la Guerra Civil americana i ara una altra guerra dels Estats Units amb ple mapa: 'WW1 1914-1918' amb la Revolució russa.

 Hmong: VietAfghan 4 xws li tsov rog Nyab Laj, Afghan Wars, American Civil tsov rog, thiab tam sim no lwm American rog nrog rau daim ntawv qhia txog daim ntawv qhia: 'WW1 1914-1918' nrog tus Lavxias teb sab kiv puag ncig.

 Swedish: En ny version av VietAfghan för AOD var precis utsläppt.   VietAfghan 4 inkluderar vietnamkriget som är afghanskt kriger, amerikaninbördeskriget, och nu kriger en annan amerikan med mycket kartlägger: ”WW1 1914-1918” med den ryska rotationen.

 Japanese: ちょうど AOD の VietAfghan の新しいバージョンがリリースされました
VietAfghan 4 には、ベトナム戦争、アフガニスタン戦争、アメリカの南北戦争、およびフル マップを今すぐ別のアメリカの戦争が含まれています: 'WW1 1914-1918 年のロシア革命と

 Chinese: 刚发布的气溶胶光学厚度为 VietAfghan 的新版本
VietAfghan 4 包括越南战争阿富汗战争美国内战和现在另一个美国战争的完整地图: '体系 1914年-1918年',与俄国革命。

 Korean: AOD에 대 한 Vietafghan의 새로운 버전을 발표 했다 그냥.
베트남 전쟁, 한국 전쟁, 미국 남북 전쟁전체 지도 함께 지금다른 미국의 전쟁을 포함 하는 VietAfghan 4: w w ' 1 1914-1918' 러시아 혁명으로.

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