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The American Civil War 1860-1866 has been added to the Viet-Afghan v.3 package. Viet-Afghan 3 includes an improved VietAfghan 2 with the addition of the American Civil War. This full-functional scenario adds new textured map provinces, civil war units and sprites, civil war ministers and leaders, civil war technologies, map modification and music. And it's all vanilla friendly with AOD 1.5 and above.

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VietAfghan 3 wih Civil War available now

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HERE NOW: Viet-Afghan 4 with the World War 1 (click here)

Requirements: Paradox Interactive's Arsenal of Democracy (AOD) version 1.5 or better

The American Civil War (1860 - 1866): Start out in 1860 following the end of the Mexican reform war. Cotton is king and Abraham Lincoln was just elected president and has troubles with South Carolina seceding from the Union. The deep south soon follow South Carolina and later Texas, Arkansas, and North Carolina join. While the pivotal border states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri and later West Virginia debate the slavery issue, Fort Sumner goes under heavy siege from the Confederates.
The Battle of the States is about to begin.

Out west while the territories of Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona await statehood, the Sioux, Cheyenne, Comanche and Apache start taking advantage in the Frontier. Meanwhile France has their eyes on Mexico while England and Spain closely observe to see how they can benefit from Mexico and the American Civil War.

Also included are Canada, Mexican Revolutionaries, Cuba, Central America, California, Nevada, African Americans and Western Outlaws. 100+ new events, 100+ new ministers and leaders, and new units, sprites and technology for the Civil war era. Added to the map is Fredericksburg, the Wilderness and Petersburg. The Erie Cannal, St. Lawrence and Mississippi rivers are navigatable.

Modified from the HOI2 works of Lt. Hilsdorf and Ankios.
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