World War I (v.1) for AOD

In August 2014 the world will mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. See how it unfolded through this WW1 simulation.

World War I 1914-1918 has been added to the VietAfghan package. Viet-Afghan 4 includes an improved Viet-Afghan 3 with the addition of the Great War (WW1). This full-functional full-map scenario adds new world war 1 units and sprites, world war 1 ministers and leaders, and world war 1 technologies. And it's all vanilla friendly with AOD 1.5 and above.


American Civil War

World War I
The Vietnam War
3rd Indochina War
fictional Indian War)

Iraq Wars
Afghanistan Wars

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World War I Soundtrack
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Requirements: Paradox Interactive's Arsenal of Democracy (AOD) version 1.5 or better

World War 1 (1914 - 1918): Start out in 1914 following the end of the 2nd Balkans war. Industry is emerging, Germany is threatening England's long-time naval superiority.  France is basking in new technologies.  Russia is coping with dissent and economic disaster.  The Balkans are still simmering with unrest.  The new China republic is planning to dominate the warlords, and the USA is finishing the Panama canal.

World War I is about to begin.

Aircraft technology is new, tank development is in it's infancy and gas weapons are being researched.

Also included is the Russian Revolution, the China warlord era, the Mexican war, and the Italian - Libya conflict.

(Other possible conflicts included)
3rd Balkans War
Mexican-USA War
India rebelion
Soviet-Polish War
Soviet-Finish War
British-Afghanistan War
British-China War
Japanese-China War
Russian-Japanese War
Turkish National Movement
National Protection War
Manchu Restoration
Constitutional Protection Movement
Siberian Intervention
Occupation of Mongolia
Zhili–Anhui War
Guangdong–Guangxi War
Zhili–Fengtian War
Anti–Fengtian War
Northern Expedition
Some conflict start dates are changed for faster game play.

Best played with aggressive AI settings

Modified from HOI/HOI2/Armegedden works.
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